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AnyCmd 1.2

AnyCmd 1.2

AnyCmd is a Total Commander lister plugin that permits redirect standard output and error streams of any program to Total Commander lister view.

Inspired by AnyELF Total Commander plugin , an idea came – why limit yourself with a special file formats only. Why not permit to user define a custom dumper, text filter, lister or file viewer? After all, there are a lot of command line text processing utilities that already do this job. Definitely, you may use file associations or just use command line window for this purpose. But, would not be it is just great if you could do the job within Total Commander itself? I mean - do anything! You can sort lines of text, compile a program, launch your favorite Perl (really, Perl?) script, and so on.


Download the file and save it in a temporary location. Open Total Commander, locate the file and double click on it (or just press “ENTER”). Total Commander will prompt you to install the plugin. Accept it. A list of installed plugins will appear. Just press “OK”. That is all.

More instructions and recent source code can be found at

Category: TC Lister Plugins
Status: Open-Source
Author: Serge Lamikhov-Center
Added: 3.02.2013
Updated: 17.05.2013
Downloaded: 10401 times
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