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edt-pack for tcCalendar 22.12.07

edt-pack for tcCalendar 22.12.07

Pack of extended date sets for tcCalendar. Before using download and install tcCalendar.
Saint's days (French; Paul)
Internationals & Worlds Days (English,French; Paul)
Name-day (Czech; Petr Skach)
Celebrities (Russian; Demon™)
Memorable dates (Russian; Demon™)
Name-days (Russian; Demon™)
Orthodox calendar (Russian; Eavasi)
Name-days (Slovak; Ivo Seki)
Name-days (Polish; djk)
Saint's days (Hellenic; Panos)
Name-days (Hellenic; Panos)
Signs of the zodiac (Hellenic; Panos)
Danish unofficial holidays (Danish; Petermad)
Saints of Serbian Orthodox church (Serbian; Melita)
Angel (Dutch; Marieke Pannekeet)
Italian saints (Italian; Dario)
Internationals days (Russian, Ukrainian; Paul, Anatoly Goncharov)
Signs of the zodiac (English, Russian, Ukrainian; Maximus)
Swedish flag days (Swedish; Tauno Pinni)
Signs of the zodiac (German, Latin; Martin Seibert)

Category: TC Lister Plugins
Status: freeware
Author: Maximus
Added: 19.08.2005
Updated: 26.12.2007
Downloaded: 37433 times


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