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Total Commander Interface Pack Expansion 6.03

Total Commander Interface Pack Expansion 6.03

Archive contents:

Wcmd_exp_eng.mnu - Expanded English version of main menu for Total Commander 6.x;
Wcmd_exp_eng.lng - English language interface file for Total Commander 6.x with some interface improvements;
shortcuts.txt - [Shortcuts] wincmd.ini section for customized shortcuts support;
user.txt - [User] wincmd.ini section for customized menu functions support;
filters.txt - [Colors] and [Searches] sections (as a bonus %);
FAQ.txt - Answers for most frequently asked questions.


All menu entries mapped to internal command numbers, not names, so menu works even w/o TOTALCMD.INC.

All menu entries have accelerators.

A lot of menu entries use additional KBD shortcuts and internal commands you can find in shortcuts.txt and user.txt. To make them work you have to add [user] and [shortcuts] section from shortcuts.txt and user.txt files to your wincmd.ini (it would be a good idea to close Commander first).

This menu basically intended for NT-family operation systems.

This is not an "all commands" menu (I suppose such an approach stupid and
cumbersome though tastes differ), but it contains most of TC internal commands.

I tried not to redefine default shortcuts in shortcuts.txt to avoid any interference with default ones, the only exception I made - "F9"&"F10".

You can make some interface improvements with Wcmd_exp_eng.lng (a lot of accelerators added/changed, "User" instead of "Start", "Alt+X Quit" instead of "Alt+F4 Exit" etc.).

Color filters include time-based "Forge" scheme by HuKO/\Au KOPOBuH (seven filters, from 1 min to 2 days), "Filter for future" for files with incorrect date, filters for files with compressed and read only attributes, temporary files, etc.

Category: TC Languages
Status: freeware
Author: Black Dog
Added: 22.11.2003
Updated: 11.09.2004
Downloaded: 20976 times


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