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NTFS Links 1.30

NTFS Links 1.30

This program allows to create hard links and junctions on NTFS volumes directly from Total Commander. The program can be installed in Start menu or on the buttonbar and is called for creating links on the selected files/folders in the opposite panel, i.e. it behaves absolutely identically to the commands of copying (F5), moving (F6) and so on. The feature of the program: you can set nesting level for subfolders, on which the program will create junctions (see help for details).
The program allows to read/save settings either in system registry, or in INI-files; it is multilingual (there are English, Russian, Ukranian, German languages and two Spanish dialects in archive).
For installing the program, just set the following command-line parameters:
"%WL" "%T\" /i=ini_file_name
(parameter /i is optional). For details see English help file (.\Help\NL_eng.chm), topic "Program Setup".


Some programs, specifically Windows Explorer, cannot recognize junctions correctly! That's why when you try to remove a junction from Explorer, all the contents of the original directory will be removed! This is NOT a bug of NTFS Links, it is a feature of the programs that cannot work correctly with junctions. Please, check you application for correctness before using it with junctions!
Total Commander works correctly with junctions, that's why it is strongly recommended to use it instead of Windows Explorer.

Category: TC Utilities
Status: freeware
Author: Konstantin Vlasov
Added: 5.12.2004
Updated: 26.10.2011
Downloaded: 41266 times
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NTFS Links

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