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View64 1.49

View64 1.49

The program is designed for vieweing files and supports:

1) text and binary modes;
2) large number of text encodings;
3) automatic detection of number of encodings for Russian and languages similar to it (Windows 1251, DOS 866, KOI8-R/U, ISO 8859-5), and also some Unicode modes (UTF-8, UTF-16);
3) vieweing files of arbitrary size (>4 Gb) (not all encodings);
4) opening names file streams on NTFS;
5) pasting text from clipboard;
6) searching in file for text and binary values;
7) using "bookmarks" for quick navigating through file.

The program has built-in convertors for extracting text from documents of some common formats:

1) HTML;
2) Microsoft Word and Excel, including XML-based (WordML);
3) RTF (Rich Text Format);
4) arbitraty XML-documents (structure can be shown).

It is also possible to integrate the program into Windows Shell with adding context menu item "View64" in Windows Explorer.

PS: Author of the program is Alexey Chernobaev.

Category: TC Utilities
Status: freeware
Author: (Unlisted)
Added: 17.10.2007
Updated: 17.10.2007
Downloaded: 20454 times


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