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SWF Content 1.2

With SWF Content you can extract info from Shockwave Flash files by Macromedia Inc.,
following characteristics of SWF format is supported:
- Movie flash player version
- Compressed/Uncompressed
- FPS(Frames per second)
- Frames count
- Width
- Height
- Resolution, i.e. Width+' x '+Height
55 KB - Updated: 22.04.2007 - x32 - Downloaded  21288 times

SWF Lister 2.0

With SWF Lister you can view Shockwave Flash files by Adobe Macromedia LLC.,
as well as FLV - Flash video files.

Additionally you can do resources
extraction from them(JPEG images, MP3 sounds is currently supported),
Compress/Decompress and produce silent SWF movies by stripping off sound
info from a movie. Since Total Commander v6.5
SWF Lister supports thumbnails view for swf-movies and exe-projectors.

Visit for more info on
SWF Lister usecases, hints, resources, etc.
816 KB - Updated: 10.06.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  96277 times

DMF Lister 1.0

With DMF Lister you can view DemoForge movies by DemoForge LLC,
refer to for more info about *.dmf movies.
With DemoForge studio you can create
lightweight software demos.
650 KB - Updated: 28.02.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  9484 times

TC Migrator 1.6

TC Migrator is utility for easy migrate/backup/restore process of
Total Commander settings, resources, plugins, icons, language packs,
menu files, etc. if you an author of TC related stuff you can create
.tcm packages for distribution over the net.

WDX+WCX for TCM format here 180Kb
1032 KB - Updated: 24.06.2005 - x32 - Downloaded  20313 times

SWF Lister lite 1.5

With SWF Lister lite you can view Macromedia
Shockwave Flash files. Key features:
- Show original movie size
- Full screen view support
- FSCommand support
- Quick view support
- Track bar
- You can capture current movie state
as jpeg or bitmap image.
379 KB - Updated: 27.09.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  37493 times

MXP Lister 1.2

Allow you to view content of Macromedia eXtensions Packages(*.mxp files), and extract selected files.
594 KB - Updated: 2.08.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  18537 times

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