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This plugin allows to extract/view/create Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) PSARC format archives.
Supported compression algorithm are ZLIB and LZMA.
Multi CPU capability.
969 KB - Updated: 22.03.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  22467 times

LTAR 1.0

This plugin allows to extract/view/create LTAR v3 format archives.
For example, it's used in "F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin (Fear 2)" and "Condemned 2 - Bloodshot" games.

Plugin can extract, view and create Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PC LTAR archives.
In the extract/view mode it's recognise PS3 and PC versions automatically.
For creating specific type of archive there is an "Options" dialog,
accessible through the "Pack files" dialog of Total Commander by pressing
"Configure" button in it, where you can configure Extract and Create options
of this plugin.

How to install the plugin in Total Commander:
1. Double click on the plugin zip file within Total Commander
2. Follow the instructions

There is a "gaup.wcx" - Game Archive UnPacker PRO by Alexander Cherenkov
GAUP plugin can view LTAR v3 PC archives, but extracts files from them incorrectly !
703 KB - Updated: 5.01.2012 - x32 - Downloaded  4940 times

XBox ISO Plugin ver 1.4

XBOX ISO plugin for Total Commander
can read and create XBOX DVD-ROM ISO images
42 KB - Updated: 25.10.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  16396 times

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