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Total Commander Send/Receive 2.2

Total Commander Send/Receive 2.2

This addon uses a combination of tar pipes and netcat to send files or directories (up to 9 items selected in the same directory) over the network to another Total Commander PC.

Send button (screenshot below):
- Command: %COMMANDER_PATH%\addons\sendReceive\send.bat
- Parameters: %S
- Icon file: %COMMANDER_PATH%\addons\sendReceive\icons.icl

Receive button (screenshot below):

- Command: %COMMANDER_PATH%\addons\sendReceive\receive.bat
- Parameters: %P
- Icon file: %COMMANDER_PATH%\addons\sendReceive\icons.icl

It should work on Windows Vista/8/10.
To make it work on older Windows versions or transfer between Total Commander and Linux machines, please visit for more detailed instructions.

By default, the sender will request the receiver's IP and won't allow any other IP to receive the content. If you want to change this behavior, open the "config.txt" file and change
After this change, the sender won't request the receiver's IP anymore. It will accept requests from any IP.
In the same "config.txt" file, you can also change the default port (it needs to be the same in the sender and the receiver):

For suggestions or to report issues, please visit

Category: TC Utilities
Status: Freeware
Author: Peter Lupo
Added: 25.05.2021
Updated: 3.06.2021
Downloaded: 2048 times
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Total Commander Send/Receive

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